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Known as the Balancing Toy, Peavey is a member of the Battlefront Collection Knights. Because of a traumatic childhood experience Peavey became a masochistic, violent woman. In the novels it involved her father bringing home a cursed whip from an antique store. In the anime it involved a serial killer slaughtering her family with a Wathe (later revealed to be Ueno's "River of Black Strings"). Her only goal in life is to destroy all cursed tools, hence why she joined the Battlefront Collection Knights. Even Mummy Maker states that Peavey has by far the most hatred for Cursed Tools out of anyone in the organization. She has a habit of calling out Bitch and is a heavy smoker. Peavey is eventually captured by Ueno after she attacks Haruaki and company for the second time. She is the principal antagonist of the novel volume 1. Her first weapon is a powerful machine armor for her arms that's similar to a Cursed Tool, but not cursed that greatly increases her arm strength so she can smash concrete with one punch, however, using causes severe damage to her arms in the process. Also, it's extremely heavy causing her to wobble when moving earning her the nickname "Balancing Toy." The second weapon after losing an arm and half the armor is a Cursed Tool called "Dance Time." It's an Ax that can replicate every swing or blow it's ever made, or make illusions to strike different blows at the same time as the real one. However, it keeps swinging on its own once it starts on its own and requires it to be used to murder someone before its special abilities can be used. In the Light Novels and Anime Peavey only uses it as a last resort but is so sickened mentally using it that she has to pause to throw up a few times.