Night of the Cube
Season 1, Episode 1

Episode 1 Cover

Futon ni Utsuru Mono o Shiranai
C³ Episode Outline
Air Date October 1, 2011
Opening Theme Endless Story
Ending Theme Snow Flower
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When contents of the cube are exposed

Night of the Cube is the first episode of the series C³ -Cube×Cursed×Curious- series.


The Cube Glows

The Cube Glows

Haruaki Yachi obtained a cube from it's father. After that he touched the cube, he decided to store it inside the house. Ones he did it, the box glowed saying "how rude". In the night, Haruaki heard then something coming from the kitchen, which he decided to take a look. He sees then a naked girl which he gets in a shock and believes that it is a naked rice cracker thief.