Mummy Maker

Mummy maker 001

C³ Character Outline
Kana Name マミーメーカー
Rōmanji Name Mamii Meekaa
Gender Female
Family Haruaki Yachi (love interest)
Seiyu MAKO
Novel Debut Volume 1; Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 2

Mummy Maker, whose real name is Amanda Carlot, was the Auxillary of Peavy before brutally meeting her demise.Later in the novels it became known that she was picked up by the Lab Chiefs Nation and was in a vegetative state until recovering later on and joining LCN as an Informant.


Under her shy and quiet appearence, Amanda was a soft and sweet hearted young girl who always tried to avoid bloodshed (seen when she made a deal with Ueno in spite of her being the enemy). However, this backfired when Peavy found out and killed her(actually she was near death but saved in the nick of time).Later on she developed feelings for Haruaki like the rest of the Heroines.



Amanda's scars

Amanda was a girl with an adorable face and she was very short. She had bandages all over, due to the scars and burn marks across her body which she covered with a cloak.



Amanda using the bandages

Amanda used Chupacabra Bandages, cursed bandages which suck out blood along with the pain to cure fatal wounds.