Konoha Muramasa


C³ Character Outline
Kana Name 村正 このは
Rōmanji Name Muramasa Konoha
Gender Female
Seiyu Minori Chihara
Novel Debut Volume 1; Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Konoha Muramasa is a former Waas who was turned back to normal by Haruaki. She is his only weapon and apparently has feelings for him as well. She attends school with Haruaki and Fear.


Konoha on the outside has the personality of someone who is mature but looses her temper easily, especially when someone is getting too close to Haruaki or when Fear mocks her about the size of her breasts. This personality is used to surpress a much more terrible and cold logical mindset she has kept hidden. Konoha also doesn't like bloodshed, thus she keeps her sword sheathed.Later on after she was abducted by Nirushaaki and had her memory reset the reader finds out that she hides a frivolous personality that likes to drink peach sake and is a perverted drunkard who made Kotetsu (Nirushaaki's other sword) cross-dress as a girl for her entertainment, and after regaining her memories she confesses her love for Haruaki and kisses him on the lips. Showing that Konoha retains her memories of before she regained the lost memories of 200 years that were deleted by Nirushaaki.


In human form, Konoha is able to emit blade-shaped energy around her hands and use them as if they were swords. She also has very sharp (no pun intended) reflexes and physical abilites above and beyond that of a normal human.

In sword form, her cutting ability is greatly enhanced and she can access a number of powers not available in human form such as the 'Killing Counter'. This particular ability allows her to find a weapon's weak points to destroy it.

Killing Counter!

Haruaki using Killing Counter