Kirika ueno
Kirika Ueno (上野 錐霞 Ueno Kirika) is the Student Council President and a classmate of Haruaki Yachi who is in possession of two Cursed Tools, one called Ginistrang's Love, and the other The River of Black Strings (or Tragic Black River). Both of these tools give her advantages in battle including the ability to not be killed by a fatal injury, though in exchange they come with terrible effects. She will die if she ever removes Ginistrang's Love which looks like a bdsm-style outfit, as for the other tool she satisfies the curse by using herself as a victim since the bondage suit will heal the injuries that Black River inflicts. Kirika feels disgusted with her body as she did not choose to have these cursed items placed upon her. She is also a reluctant member of a group founded by her older brother that has more than one name depending on the adaptation. This group studies and researches Cursed Tools as the ultimate mysteries to explore. She has a crush on Haruaki as she often competes with him over whose cooking is better during lunch period. He later finds out about her Cursed Tools, and what she must do in order to satisfy the curse of Black River. He isn't bothered by it though, and the trust further strengthens their relationship.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

Kirika used to be part of an organization called Yamimagari Pakuaki's Lab Chief Nation who was tasked to observe Haruaki Yachi to research on the ability of Yachi House to lift curse from Cursed Tools as well as Yachi's immunity towards curse.

Weapons Edit

Kirika has two cursed tools:

  • The first tool is called Ginstrnag's Love that is an article of clothing that prevents the user from dying when worn. In exchange, the user's heart dies and they must wear it forever.
  • The second tool is called The Tragic Black River that has the ability to induce the opponent's murderous intents and serial murders and use it against them.

Quotes Edit

  • "Absolutely ridiculous!" - Kirika's catchphrase (a well-known sentence or phrase, especially one that is associated with a particular famous person) that she uses on more than one occasion.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Kirika means "cone" (錐) (kiri) and "haze, mist, fog" (霞) (ka).
  • Kirika's surname Ueno means "above, top, upper" (上) (ue) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).

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