Haruaki Yachi

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C³ Character Outline
Kana Name 夜知 春亮
Rōmanji Name Yachi Haruaki
Gender Male
Seiyu Yūki Kaji (Japanese)
Micah Solusod (English)
Novel Debut Volume 1; Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Haruaki Yachi is a normal human with the unique constitution of being unable to be affected by curses that affects the owner of a cursed item. His father sends him cursed objects, known as Wathes as the house he lives in naturally lifts curses as time goes by and his own unique constitution allows him to live without any fear of being affected by the sent cursed items.[1]


When Konoha transforms into a sword he is able to use the ablility 'Killing Counter". An ability which focuses on the oponent's weapon's weak points and destroys their weapon.[2]

Apart from Konoha, Haruaki had also used three other Wathes throughout the light novel. The first of the three is the «Alius»[3], which had originally been thought to have been the «Toxic Sword Poison Ritter», a Wathe that injects a lethal poison to those cut by it and is said to also poison the user upon unsheathing the blade[4]. The second of three is the knife, «Returning Kukri of Childbirth». «Returning Kukri of Childbirth» is a Wathe taken from Bivorio family's Kururi[5] and had been used by Haruaki as a last ditch effort to defeat Nirushaaki[6]. The last of the three Wathes that Haruaki had personally used is Kotetsu[7], a cursed sword similar to Konoha.

In terms of combat ability, Haruaki is the weakest without Konoha assisting him. He later gains basic sword fighting skills under the tutelage of Lilyhowell, but after the events of Volume 14, he returns to relying on Konoha when a battle becomes inevitable.

Given Haruaki's unique constitution, he would be a capable Wathe user as the negative effects of wielding one would not affect him unless the curse indiscriminately affects all of those around the user.


Yachi Haruaki is an extremely nice high school boy that is sometimes called an old man by his peers due to his hobbies and actions. While he does not like fighting, he would not hesitate to join in the fray if it means helping out his friends.


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