Fear Kubrick


C³ Character Outline
Kana Name
  • フィア
  • キューブ・イン・フィア
  • フィア・キューブリック
Rōmanji Name
  • Fia
  • Kyūbu in Fia
  • Fia Kyūburikku
Title Cursed Tool
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height 1'48
Family Haruaki Yachi (owner/ love interest)
Seiyu Yukari Tamura
Novel Debut Volume 1; Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1


Fear Kubrick, originally known as Fear-in-Cube is known as the first Waas.

  • She was created during the Inquisition and was used as an object for torture and execution.
  • She turns into a human because of the hate she received and goes to Haruaki for help to rid her of her curse.
  • Originally, using her power would cause her to attack anyone she sees in a fit of blood-lust. However, as the series progresses, she would learn to control these urges. Unfortunately, she still fears her power, despite being able to fully control it.
  • Likes: Rice crackers & Roasted tea

She tried to steal rice crackers from Haruaki 's kitchen and was caught by Haruaki. Later Haruaki gave her rice crackers and roasted tea. She also Likes "Furry Cute Creatures" that was shown on TV. She is easily fascinated by many things, e.g. she was fascinated by the package of school supplies.

  • Dislikes: Spiders

She thinks a spider is a monstrosity. She also doesn't like to be in the center of attention.


As originally Fear is a torture device from the Inquisitions, she contains 32 execution tools.


Mechanism No.3 Guillotine


Mechanism No.5 Stake of Vlad Tepes


Mechanism No.8 Wheel Punishment of Royaume de France


Mechanism No.11 The teeth


Mechanism No.19 Man-Perforater


Mechanism No.20 A hatchet of lingchi


Mechanism No.26 Iron Maiden

  • Mechanism No.3 Guillotine 三番機構・断式落下態《ギロチン》
  • Mechanism No.4 Pendulum 四番機構・揺式振子態《永訣刻する処刑鎌》
  • Mechanism No.5 Stake of Vlad Tepes 五番機構・刺式佇立態《ヴラド・ツェペシュの杭》
  • Mechanism No.7 An Interrogation Chair 七番機構・棘式座位態《ドイツ式審問椅子》
  • Mechanism No.8 Wheel Punishment of Royaume de France 八番機構・砕式円環態《フランク王国の車輪刑》
  • Mechanism No.9 An inquisitional wheel 九番機構・捕式回転態《異端審問車輪》
  • Mechanism No.10 Iron Coffin of Lissa 十番機構・挟式加圧態《リッサの鉄柩》
  • Mechanism No.11 The teeth 十一番機構・裂式波山態《鮫の歯》
  • Mechanism No.12 Tornado of souls 十二番機構・絶式旋刃態《颶風殺人柱》
  • Mechanism No.14 cat's paw 十四番機構・掻式獣掌態《猫の足》
  • Mechanism No.16 Juda's Cradle 十六番機構・吊式尖台態《ユダの揺籃》
  • Mechanism No.17 The flocking storks 十七番機構・繋式鳥枷態《コウノトリの団欒》
  • Mechanism No.18 Daughter of Duke Exter 十八番機構・伸式外枠態《エクセター公の娘》
  • Mechanism No.19 Man-Perforater 十九番機構・抉式螺旋態《人体穿孔機》
  • Mechanism No.20 A hatchet of lingchi 二十番機構・斬式大刀態《凌遅の鉈》
  • Mechanism No.21 Spanish Spiders 二十一番機構・掛式鉤爪態《スペインの蜘蛛》
  • Mechanism No.22 Morgenstern 二十二番機構・潰式針球態《星棍》
  • Mechanism No.23 maraNa-asana 二十三番機構・穴式釘面態《生涯坐しない聖者》
  • Mechanism No.24 The red-hot bull voices 二十四番機構・焼式彫像態《良く啼く鋼鉄の牡牛》
  • Mechanism No.26 Iron Maiden 二十六番機構・貫式閉鎖態《鋼鉄の処女》
  • Mechanism No.29 The Blessed Virgin Mary embraces you 二十九番機構・抱式聖像態《鋼鉄の聖母マリア》
  • Mechanism No.30 The flower sword Verazella 三十番機構・開式鋭形態《花弁剣ベラゼッラ》