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Fear, Haruaki and Konoha leave the hair salon to realize that there has been a series of murders that have been taking place in town. On the hunt to find the truth, they suspect Alice, but she escapes. Later, Kirika faints so Haruaki carries her back home. There, she reveals a shocking part of her curse that was never seen before. After, everyone meets each other, where Fear reveals that she suspects Kuroe of being the murderer.

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Fear-in-Cube aka Fear Kubrick. She is one of the main protagonists of C3. Said to be the first Waas, she was made during the Inquisition for torturing and killing people. However, this starts to change when she meets Haruaki's father who sends her by his son. From then on she learns how to form bonds and relationships with others and fights to free herself from her curse.

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  • Fear's 'fear' of spiders.
  • Curse Calling!


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